About me

To make a long story short... I was born in Mexico City a beautiful morning, I would like to think it was a bright and shiny day but that's hard in this city. After many years living in Morelia, Michoacan (Beautiful place! I take it with me always) I'm finally I'm back in my home town doing what I love.

I made a BFA in Graphic Design in La Salle University, but I left that beautiful profession long ago to work in VFX and animation.

Along with my friends I founded Aquelarre Studio, a place that gave me enormous satisfactions and where I learned more than in all my years of study and in lesser time (the hard way sometimes). Unfortunately Aquelarre is a thing of the past and yet I remain in the same business.

And now here I am. I've had the opportunity to work in many films, big and small, assuming several responsibilities. I have also worked in short films, music videos and more TV ads I can remember.

My specialties are VFX supervision, compositing and 3d animation. A frequent question I get is: What software do you use? and well I guess this is the right place to answer it. I like using the right tool for the right task, I can handle Maya, 3dsmax, RealFlow, After Effects, Nuke, V-Ray, Mental Ray, PF-Track, Mocha and some other to accomplish the best possible result for what the director is asking for.

In another note I smoke, drink and have my virtues and vices just like everyone else (chocolates for exaple). If you want to know anything else about me drop me a line. My contact info is in the "Contact Me" page.



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